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Christian Links Last Edit 4/5/2022
These links are posted only as possible resources for your own Bible study.  These sites were found by using various search engines.  There are many other sites not listed here which you may find on your own by using a search engine (e.g. or index site (e.g.  As always, you should follow the example given in Acts 17:11 "... the Bereans ... examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true." ( NIV )  You should compare what you find on the sites below to the Bible.

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Bible Studies
InterVarsity You can access Bible studies on Mark, Luke, and Acts. There are also resources on how to study the Bible.
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Book and Topical Studies
Bible Gateway; At this site you can search the Bible in several versions for keywords. You can also use a passage lookup feature and Nave's Topical Bible.
Biblical Studies Foundation
Grace Notes
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Barna; This site has results from surveys on a variety of religious topics. There are also some resources available for purchase.
Bible Hub Various translations, Greek and Hebrew Interlinear, Concordances
Bible Gateway Bible study Tools, Reference Books
Bible Project YouTube Channel for the Bible Project...Animated summaries of Bible Books and related topics on YouTube
Bible Project ...Videos of Bible Books and topics. Bible Studies for Small Groups. Podcast. Blog. etc.
Bible Study Tools Many Resources for Bible study
Christianity Today Christianity Today Magazine Web Site
Every Student; Resources for college students
Geography for Bible This site allows you to find locations mentioned in every book of the Bible. When you click on a chapter of a book you will download a file that requires Google Earth. The geography file then displays locations on top of a map supplied by Google. You can also download an overlay of locations for the whole Bible that works with Google Earth.
Maps This site lets you select a book of the Bible and chapter, and then it displays the locations on a Google map.
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Campus Crusade
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Verse Search
Goshen Online Goshen Online Study Library
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